This has been great painting weather

I’ve gotten more stuff painted in the last couple days while I hide in my basement from the awful, oppressive heat.

This is the Reckoner. He might hit you with club, or he might shoot you with the gun. If the gun doesn’t kill you it sets you on fire so that you’re easier for his friends to see you so they can kill you. I sure like the Reckoner.

These guys are called Wracks. They’re being tortured to death in such a way that they become exploding batteries of magic power that my Warcaster can use in case he runs out of his own magic power. You can tell my faction is the good guys because they torture people to death.

3 Comments on “This has been great painting weather

  1. Those wracks are hilariously awesome. I picture them singing a more percussive version of “Always look on the bright side of life.”

    Nice flat cream colour on the warjack. Did it go on evenly?

  2. Yeah, I’m kind of ashamed it took me so long to get those fucking things painted. I’ve had them for like six months and once I sat down to paint them I think it took me half an hour.

    The flat cream color is what all my warjacks get, and it takes about three light coats of slightly diluted Game Colour bone to get it decently even, then one or two light washes of brown. It’s ridiculously painstaking to get a flat cream, but I need to undercoat things in black to get the red to come out the way I like it. That way, I can just wash the whole thing in brown at different intensities for different colors and it comes out with the kind of dirty effect that I like to see.

    That warjack’s actually probably going to get a little bit more brown on him to dirty him up a little more. I’m sort of reserving the lightest shades for when I get a model like The Harbinger of Menoth or something equally outrageously holy-looking.

  3. I look forward to seeing the fancy Harbinger miniature replaced by a tennis ball on a flying stand when she turns into a miniature sun.

    Kadooosh! Matchpoint.