Trajan Mini Review and finished Ice Drakes

I received a message from JC regarding Trajan, a boardgame Steven had picked up last November and they were just getting around to playing.

“It is a really interesting Euro token game, so everyone is kept involved to the very end and no direct conflict.
Just lots and lots and lots of options – and not enough turns to do them all before the points are finally tallied up.
You can if course try to block or take options first, but that can turn out to be fruitless…
Similar to 7 Wonders, all sorts of strategies can win.
Lovely board and components, plenty of quality wood pieces make for a heavy and well stacked box full.
A unique touch is the nifty roulette (ish) control board that you need to keep moving strategically.
It is surprisingly complicated to do so effectively well unless you have a Kasparov-like mind!¬†Final nice touch: you do not really know who has won till the very end.”

I'm intrigued by the revolving wheels.

I’m intrigued by the revolving wheels.

The game scores well on Boardgamegeek, currently 52nd out of the umpteen thousands of games. The non-confrontational-but-you-can-still-be-a-dick makes it a reasonably good buy for relatively casual gamers.

Meanwhile, I wrapped up my first two Descent minis, the Ice Drakes. Pleased with how they worked out, although the first took me a long time to get right. The second flew by though, so I’m hopeful that I learned something.

Ice drakes. Guy on the left is the Master.

Ice drakes. Guy on the left is the Master.

I wanted something to differentiate the Master Monsters beyond the red of the base rim. Carol gave me the idea of making the eyes of Masters glowing red, signifying my Evil Overlord control over them. I think I’ll find other ways of sneaking red onto Master Monsters, but the eyes seem like a good constant. Everything has eyes… most things have eyes at least.

I’m now itching to get more done. I just can’t decide between Stormtroopers or 1920s shoggoth-fodder/investigators.