Echo Wood, TL;DR and more Mass Effect thoughts.

Having left the Emerald Spire, the party returned to Thornkeep where they: Successfully reunited the wayward Adelind Fraston with her parents, who were very grateful. Talked Adelind into staying with her parents, basically, with Dr Cyrus’ talk therapy…. Read More

GTA V / Tomb Raider

Carol was away on Scholz-ladies cabin trip this weekend so I spent all weekend in front of the TV playing Grand Theft Auto V and Tomb Raider. Also eating sardines and watching Dredd, which I don’t do when… Read More

The Witcher 2

So that’s two new games I’ve tried recently. We finally – FINALLY – got Bryce to buy BSG the boardgame and played a trial run game which was fun. And trying to find an RPG on the XBox… Read More

…now for something completely different…

I admire RPGs that attempt to rework what a roleplaying game might be. I admire them, I do not enjoy them. Like long distance athletics events; if someone breaks a record or makes a particularly spirited attempt… well… Read More

Kingdoms of Amalotlikeabunchofothergames

After finishing off Mass Effect 3, I was at a loss because it seems like we are in kind of a xbox360 drought at the moment. I SHOULD be looking forward to Assassin’s Creed 3, but I’m a… Read More

Mass (indenting) Effect

I remember blogging ages ago, somewhere else, about Mass Effect but I’m going to do it again here, now that I’ve had some time to think over the trilogy having beaten/been beaten by the last installment last week…. Read More

The Walking Dead

Got $10? Got an XBOX360? BUY THE WALKING DEAD FROM THE GAME MARKETPLACE, EPISODES 1 & 2. Holy shit it is great. N.B. It is out for PC and PS3 too, but I’ve no idea how much it… Read More

I’ve found the least useful Dragon Shout in all of Skyrim.

This is what I make when I’m waiting to play Skyrim.


This isn’t quite a review of Skyrim, there are better ones out there that you should read. But this is what I think of Skyrim and also an explanation for why the last gaming session’s recap hasn’t been… Read More

Rage: First impressions

Remember Borderlands? The first person shooter with great cell-shaded art, with a paper thin story and a ruined desert-planet setting? It was inhabited by bandits and mutants and you got to drive around in a dune buggy? Just… Read More