The Acts of the Lords of Rannick, XCII

Okay, last night was a ton of fun, not least of which because we get to make an incremental improvement in someone else’s life, without them having to roll a character or listen to us make dick jokes or otherwise have to suffer us needlessly.
Bossfight Reroll Fundraising Party is something I think we should do at the end of every campaign. I don’t think we’ll do many three years campaigns… but hell, even something like the adventure into the Shadowdarkgrimfeybad thing we did when the fight against Rhoswen took three sessions. If we do that every so often, we can be handing over chunks of change to some worthy cause, not just Fresh Wok and miniature companies.
And really, great timing. I, as DM/GM, don’t want the group to lose this fight, although I know what happens if they do and it is definitely a possibility. But a narrow dramatic victory would be the best of all possible outcomes and I think they were helped by last night’s re-rolling. And we raised a fair chunk of cash.

The treasure chest… it’s full of how shitty they are at rolling dice!

The session started with what amounted to a respite given the constant level-searching that has been going on for a few weeks now. The party had cleared the Pinnacle of Avarice to their satisfaction. Furthermore, they’d picked up an ally in the form of the planetar, found some great loot to prepare them for the fight and then taken two prisoners.
It was to the prisoners that their attention now turned. Firstly, to get all those magic items off that Lamia, some nice things there. And secondly, to go get the other prisoner and figure out what to do with her. They still hadn’t identified the scimitar she had been using. They’d actually known quite a bit about her before, because Albedon knew about her. But this was all fresh stuff last night because they’d all forgotten.  I’m glad these things usually start with an investigation and end in a fight, because they’d be useless if they had to remember any details other than which of the swords are sharp right now. Campaign fatigue.
Dagfinn and Tersplink went to collect Viorian Dekanti while slipping around the weak point in the fabric of reality that Karzoug was able to project himself through. Then they went back because people were identifying things. Then they went to get her again. Slipping around the corner they avoided provoking Karzoug and fetched the now awake, but seemingly mindless Dekanti.
Then there was more misunderstanding about Arradin’s plan to get the jump on Karzoug. Let me simplify:
A train leaves the station and will arrive at its destination in 9 hours.
An evil overlord train leaves the station only when he is sure that the other train has absolutely definitely left the station and the Evil Overlord Express also arrive at its destination in 9 hours after it leaves.

Pretty certain Evil Overlords are supposed to make the trains run on time.
Whoever arrives at their destination first  will be able to unload their passengers first and take on new ones. And then tear up the tracks.
So part of this cunning plan meant ensuring some of Karzoug’s passengers were dead and couldn’t be switched out. I’m stretching this… They converged on the weak point in reality and got ready to make Karzoug use up his spells. But they didn’t try and Bluff at all, just walked up to the weak spot with spells of destruction on their lips and weapons ready. So he didn’t come through, he’s not fucking stupid. As they walked away, he cast a few spells at them, but it was a desultory effort at best. 
They also woke the Lamia and had a brief and uniformative interrogation session that ended with Ron knocking her back out and Halvard almost killing her in cold blood before the Angel insisted that he did not. Instead, he cast Stabilize.
Perhaps more informative – perhaps – was the Q&A with Gorum, courtesy of the Commune scroll. Halvard cast the spell and the room turned pretty doom-y. All dark and icy as Gorum’s presence was summoned for some chat. I can’t remember all the questions that Gorum answered, but he did confirm that there was nothing that they could do to harm Karzoug in the Pinnacle of Avarice. Halvard handled the tete-a-tete well, using up his last few questions to get a personal pep talk.
The crew rested, Halvard and Ayruzi receiving their spells at the appointed hour. Arradin took the first watch, hanging out with the angel. A few hours into the watch the angel, suddenly interested in Viorian Dekanti, went over to the comatose woman and cast Greater Restoration. This appeared to restore her faculties. When the second shift woke up, they quizzed her a bit about what had happened to her. She had forgotten because she’d been stupified by the golden scimitar; they’d forgotten because… no one wrote it down. Vengeful and bitter, Dekanti knew of the Runelord’s plan and also what was going on within the Eye of Avarice. Karzoug was not alone, he had a blue dragon advisor (maybe?) and a Rune Giant who was dominating the two Storm Giants who were reporting on what they knew of the world. Dekanti knew that the Storm Giants (and all giants, really) have a complicated relationship with the Rune Giants. They are dominated by the Rune Giants; but once so enslaved, hate and fear their masters yet are unable to break free of their dominance. Take out the Rune Giant, she theorized and the Storm Giants would be amenable to killing Karzoug. They kitted her out with new gear although she insisted that no one use the Scimitar, lest their mind be stolen.
Once everyone was up and about, Halvard cast Heroes Feast, the best way to start the day. The doomsday clock was now at 19 hours. Without further delay, they made their way up to the device that Dekanti assured them would take them to the Eye of Avarice. The vast spinning sphere whirled on, the pillar of green fire at its peak the gateway to Karzoug’s interdimensional hidey-hole.
They stepped through the fire and into Karzoug’s 10,000 year resting place.

I can never picture groups of people stepping through a portal together without picturing the cover of Destroyer. Probably the boots. What is Ace Frehley doing with his hands? Or his legs? Did he know what was going on here? Simmons and Criss seem to be on the same page, Paul Stanley is on a way campier, but no less appropriate page. But Spaceman Ace is fucking all over the place, which would make sense if this was a poorly timed photo, but it isn’t.

 Ah, magma dungeons, glorious staple of roleplaying games and James Bond Villain Lairs. The party found themselves stepping into the green flame and out of a rippling wall of energy suspended between two golden pillars. The pillars stood on a stone platform raised some 100ft or so above the roiling magma below. From the magma rose pillars of flowing molten gold, that suspended the various platforms in the room. The platforms (the round one the party was standing on and two to either side) were connected to a ledge upon which Karzoug’s magnificent throne sat. Before the throne was a platform which held a shallow well or pool, above it and hanging in mid air, was a wide green jewel, cut like a disc or lens. The pair emitted a green light like that of the fire outside, although whether the light emanated from the pool or the lens wasn’t clear.
On the flanking platforms, two storm giants stood, while on the ledge Karzoug waited, attended by a towering Rune Giant and a Blue Dragon.
For some reason, and no one really knows right now, or will ever know… a bunch of Yeti also came through the portal. Where did they come from? Why? What were they here to do?


Viorian Dekanti moved first, racing up the stairs of the platforms towards the ledge. Arradin was headed that way too, although she had been buffed with Fly, so she flew straight towards Karzoug, swooping out of the way of the Rune Giant’s attack. Karzoug, staggered at the very thought was shocked enough to only be able to get a single spell off, but that spell was Time Stop, so it bought him some…. it’s right there in the name. He used the time to erect a Prismatic Wall and prepare some defensive spells.
Kerplak scurried forward, whipping out his bronze Griffon figurine. Dagfinn started singing and moved forward, while the Angel disappointed everyone and just glowered at Karzoug. The Dragon and Rune Giant moved to defend their master, the Dragon using its electricity breath weapon. Ron and Halvard advanced, damaging the dragon while Tersplink summoned a Roc to go deal with the Dragon. It flew right at the Dragon and the two grappled wildly. The Storm Giants lashed out with Chain Lightning spells.
Viorian and Arradin whacked at the Rune Giant. From behind the Prismatic Wall, Karzoug cast Meteor Swarm, sending meteoric fireballs at selected areas, setting Terslink on fire. It also killed all the yeti. So that mystery will go unsolved. He then cast Time Stop and prepared a bunch of other defensive layers between the party and his majesty, Wall of Force, Spell Turning, Cloudkill, Stoneskin.
The Angel stopped her glowering and cast Greater Dispel Magic, obliterating Karzoug’s defensive spells except the Prismatic Wall. Karzoug screamed in horror and anger that so many of his arcane defenses were now down (for the most part).  
The grappling between the Roc and the Dragon went on, like a magnificent airbrushed minivan come to life, but with the help of missile fire from the rest of the party, the dragon was brought down after the Roc gained the upper hand. Ron leapt across platforms to the glowing green gem/disc. The Storm Giants called lightning and the Rune Giant, contending with Viorian, Arradin, Dagfinn and the shurikens of Ron spewed sparks and fought on.

All boss fight, all the time.

The fight continues…

4 Comments on “The Acts of the Lords of Rannick, XCII

  1. Things to note:

    The Prismatic Wall did NOT come down. I think I said that it did. I’ll let the effects and damage done on Karzoug stand, but Dispel Magic doesn’t take down Prismatic Wall.

    Team Tallen has 4 rerolls.
    Mike has 6 rerolls.
    Rolland and JIM both have 2.

  2. I love how Dispell is the only spell that doesn’t impact some element of a Prismatic Wall.

  3. Pretty much… and I knew that going in, I don’t know why I forgot.

    There is still a gap in the wall, so Karzoug isn’t completely sealed off.

  4. Damnit, Wall Of Force isn’t dispellable.