Combat Maneuvers Made Easy (well, easier)

In a fit of boredom and not-wanting-to-do-day-job-work yesterday I made an Excel spreadsheet that tells you what both parties involved in a combat maneuver should roll. Hopefully, it will help to make them a more viable option in combat or at least, speed things up a bit when we have to slog through them. Enjoy!

5 Comments on “Combat Maneuvers Made Easy (well, easier)

  1. Awesome!

    Is AoE supposed to be AoOpportunity?

    Also, why do PCs get a +5 bonus to grapple when they are in control/pinning?

  2. Oh, I see now, everyone gets that +5 if they’re in the driver’s seat.

  3. I’m glad you included Feint, even though it isn’t a Combat Maneuver. I’m always sad people don’t Feint more. Feint is a great move to use when you need to deny someone their Dex bonus, because a) good and b) amazing if you’re the sort that does sneak attacks.

    And the Feint feats? Even better.

  4. Oh yes, it should be AoO. That will be fixed with the next patch.

    And yeah, I considered skipping feint but wanted to keep it in sight and in mind.

  5. Also, looking at all the combat maneuver feats to build this has me excited to roll up a Brawler for my next character.