Painting, remember painting?

I haven’t managed to paint anything for ages, maybe because it is easier to leave the game stuff out on Thursday, over to Friday and Saturday. Now that we’ve switched to Tuesday, I really have to put that shit away, which clears up the table and makes it easier to get my painting stuff out.
On the other hand, I may just be super lazy. Anyway, I had time to wrap up a couple of minis that I started a while ago. I painted two of them to try out fabric patterns, one freestyle design and the other repetitive. I’ve had pretty good luck with animal patterns and hems and what not. I think they add  quite a bit, especially to minis you want to look rich or fancy.


7 Comments on “Painting, remember painting?

  1. I don’t know why I took a picture using only our buffet lights rather than say… daylight this morning. So I realise this is all way more yellow than it should be.

  2. I love that monk to pieces. You’re totally right. That guy must be somebody important.

    Unrelated: that might be the funniest ninja miniature I’ve ever seen. Final Fantasy VII sword plus Hulk Hands? Why not?

  3. If I remember correctly, that was a ninja miniature that was released for the Talisman Boardgame supplement way back in the 80s. It isn’t as awkwardly put together as the Zulu miniature released at the same time, and neither are as awkward and racist as the pygmy zulu miniatures… which I have and should really paint.

    I think I’ve painted 3 ninjas now and I’ve realised this: the idea of a ninja is cool, but they make for super boring paint jobs.

    I have another miniature that’s just a muscled brawler, not too huge. I think I’m going to paint him so that he can be 1st-4th level monk and then let Mr Fancy-Dressing-Gown be 5th-10th level monk. After that, I don’t know enough about monks, I assume it is this:

  4. A while back I caught a wild hare and thought it would be cool to try and paint all of the Pathfinder Minis that Reaper puts out. I bought a handful and finally got around to priming them this weekend. It’s my goal to steal enough time during naps to get these painted by the end of the year.
    Have either of you tried using a pen for blacklining? I found this recommendation on Bell of Lost Souls this weekend. I’ve tried blacklining with a brush several times and always end up with a mess. I figure trying a pen is worth a shot but my hunch is that the ink will pool up in the low points.

  5. I’ve tried a pen before – it was a nice thin drawing pen, but I didn’t like the effect. It looks different from black lining with ink, so you have to do the entire thing with it.

    It might be worth revisiting, but black ink and then retouch has always worked better for me. Also, I primer black almost all the time, so can skip a lot of black lining.

    That is a pretty ambitious project, there are a ton of really good PF minis though: Bon chance.

  6. I tried blacklining with a super-fine tip sharpie once, and that didn’t work at all. I couldn’t be steady enough and I couldn’t maintain a light enough touch compared to a really clean, sharp, lightly loaded brush.

    I’m sure one of those basically-a-brush fine art “pens” would be good, but mostly I just think it’ll take more practice and fastidiously cleaned and frequently licked brushes. For me, anyway.

    I tidied up my painting table a little bit in preparation for winter, so I should have some of this stuff to show soon. I’d show you the barbarian I started messing with some tattooing on, but it makes me want to barf whenever I look at it, so that guy’s getting the dip soon.

  7. I did some tattoos recently for a *secret project* and they turned out well – I can’t remember what the mix of paint I was using turned out to be, but I have another guy I’m going to tattoo soon and when I remember I’ll let you know. There was a particular procedure and ratio of paint to water.