Life During Wartime

Okay, so upon returning to Sandpoint you find that the military/economic brinksmanship between Magnimar and Korvosa is continuing in the east and the Korvosan naval blockade is having a toll on the Magnimar economy. This causes several changes in the way you can shop in Magnimar.

  1. You cannot get coin back. They need that coin desperately. You cannot cash in your haul. You’ll have to either hold on to unsold stuff or exchange it for items in kind. You can give all the stuff to a bank (the temple of Abadar) and they’ll give you credit that you can exchange if you want to. The point is, you cannot walk away from shopping with more actual currency (or metals/gems)  than you are bringing to the city.
  2. The captive market means there is a higher number of magic items available in the Bazaar of Sails, not only can you find any magic item of less than 8000gp value after a week of searching, but the number of decent magic items is higher than normal. (See below). Edit: The Caster Level of any magic item found this way cannot be higher than 14 and the spell level can’t be higher than 7, (see 4).
  3. Word of your considerable achievement in defeating the Stone Giant army has been verified and your fame has spread. The citizens of Magnimar believe you prevented a second front opening up that would have made their situation more perilous. This doesn’t change the prices of items (for every grateful merchant, there is one who realizes you must be crazy rich) but does lift the restriction on enhancement bonuses as the artisans and mages of the city finally realise how awesome you are. You can now have weapons and armour made with an overall enhancement bonus greater than +2. It will take a week to get that done, those weeks are not cumulative. Edit: Due to the point below however (see 4) the highest caster level is 14, so they cannot put +5 enhancements on weapons or armour. +4 is as high as that can go.
  4. You have access to 7th level spellcasting from Magnimar’s assembled eggheads. Cost = Spell Level (Max 7)x Caster Level (Max 15) x 10gp

Your Haul/Booty/Plunder:

Here is the list of stuff you came away from Runeforge with, although if anyone wants any of these things, pipe up ASAP, because it will effect how much you have to spend.

  • Breastplate +1 x3                                   4050gp
  • Mithril Chain Shirt +1 x2                    4500gp
  • Mithril Chain Shirt +2 x15              78750gp
  • Breastplate +2 x7                               30450gp
  • Full Plate +1                                             2650gp
  • MW Fullplate                                            1650gp
  • Heavy Wood Shield +1 x2                   1157gp
  • Ring of Protection +1 x6                  12000gp
  • Ring of Protection +2 x5                 40000gp
  • Amulet of Health +2 x4                    16000gp
  • Headband of Intellect +2                   4000gp
  • Cloak of Resistance +1                         1000gp
  • Greatsword +1 x14                             32900gp
  • Greataxe +1 x6                                     13920gp
  • Battleaxe +1 x2                                       4620gp
  • MW Shortbow x2                                      660gp
  • Adamantine Warhammer +1             5312gp
  • Holy Water x5                                            125gp
  • Copper Coins                                              395gp
  • Silver Coins                                                 941gp
  • Gold Coins                                                3500gp
  • Platinum Coins                                       2500gp
  • Grand Total:                                      261080 gp

I don’t know how you want to split that, but 8 ways is 32,635gp each.

Things not included:
  • 2x Greatsword +1, 2x Longsword +1, 2x Glowing Ranseur +1 for Halvard’s Militia.
  • 500gp of Diamond Dust, which I can only assume Stoneskin casters will want.
  • 14 CLW potions, 2 CMW potions, 3 CSW because you’ll need them but you’ll also need to divide them up amongst yourselves.

Magic Items available in Magnimar and Sandpoint*:

  • Lyre of Building 13,000 gp
  • Wand of Haste (caster level 5), with 39 charges                 8,775 gp Kerplak got it.
  • Enlarge Metamagic Rod                                                             11,000 gp
  • Lion’s Shield 9,170 gp
  • +2 Dwarven waraxe, conductive [APG], sheds light       18,330 gp
  • +3 Dwarven waraxe, sheds light                                             18,330 gp
  • Moon Circlet [APG]                                                                     20,000 gp
  • Amulet of Magecraft [APG]                                                      20,000 gp
  • Ring of Invisibility 20,000 gp Kerplak got it.
  • Iron Bands of Binding 26,000 gp
  • +3 Longbow, sheds light                                                            18,375 gp
  • Staff of Slumber [APG], with 10 charges                             34,050 gp
  • Scarab of Protection 38,000 gp
  • Mantle of Faith 76,000 gp
  • +4 Studded Leather Armour                                                    16,175 gp
  • Staff of Frost, with 10 charges                                                 41,400 gp
  • *Cloak of Resistance +3                                                                  9000gp
  • *Boots of Speed 12000gp Halvard got these.
  • *Rod of the Viper 19000gp
  • *Greater Bracers of Archery 25000gp

If I can help with anything, let me know. We’ll probably do a bit of shopping before the next game, but not much. Shop on the internet, adventure impatiently awaits on the tabletop. No time for dancing, or lovey dovey, I ain’t got time for that now.

12 Comments on “Life During Wartime

  1. Can credits in the bank be transferred from one party to another within the bank similar to an electronic payment now a day? If there are vendor was willing to this type of transaction how would it affect price?

  2. Yeah, the Abadarians would essentially issue a promissory note that would be good within Magnimar for the amount specified. The bearer of the note would be able to buy from traders in the city because they know the temple of Abadar is good for it.

    Thinking about it, it would likely mean an acolyte accompanying you shopping and filling out the paperwork.

  3. I have a couple more questions. We can now get enchantments greater than +2. Is this only to new items of can we have our existing items raised above that? If so, is there an upper limit to this magic wise? For instance with 32,000 gp I can raise my armor from +2 to +5 and have 11,000 gp left.

    32,000 gp – (25,000 gp – 4000 gp) = 11,000 gp

    Is there a caster of that level in Magnimar?

    • Nope. Sad rule vs fluff collision.

      Spellcasting available is 7th level, which means those 7th level spells are coming out of someone with a caster level 14. The restriction has been lifted, but that doesn’t help if there are no 15th level casters. They would if they could, but they can’t.

      “For an item with only an enhancement bonus, the caster level is three times the enhancement bonus. If an item has both an enhancement bonus and a special ability, the higher of the two caster level requirements must be met.”

  4. I’ve edited that to avoid more people having their heart broken.

  5. Somebody tell me if this is completely retarded, but I’d like for Ron to buy 6 darts and have them enchanted to be Merciful Returning darts. They’d be 4250gp apiece, but in theory he could do 14 nonlethal damage with one hit, and once he levels up again and under optimum circumstances he could do that 6 times/2 rounds.

    Is that dumb?


  6. I Lolled.

    They’d be useful against people you didn’t want to slaughter – which may exist somewhere on Golarion – but useless against things that don’t take non-lethal damage.

    Also, why darts? You can’t use darts with Monk abilities, but you can Flurry of Blows with Shuriken.

    Weapons with special abilities (Merciful/Returning) must also have a +1 bonus.

    50 +1 Merciful Returning Shuriken = 18310gp (Returning is silly though, since they break when they successfully hit and break 50% of the time when they miss.

    50 +1 Merciful (Somehow) Shuriken = 8310gp

    1 +1 Merciful Returning Dart = 18300.5gp

    • I don’t know why I chose darts… I guess I just figured anything a monk can throw can (I hate to say this) “count as” a shuriken. And calling it “darts” made it sound like it had a handle, which a bottle would.

      And doesn’t the +1 eliminate the breaking on impact, and the Returning keep it from getting lost?

      • Oh, wait. Magic ammunition doesn’t work that way.


  7. Now I’m picturing Ron flicking airline miniature bottles of vodka at people…