So, we talked about it last night and I pulled the trigger this morning. I’ve never kickstarted anything before, but for $125 it seems ridiculous not to get yourself this everlasting fountain of minis. Check out theĀ Reaper Bones Kickstarter to keep track of what’s coming.

I ponied up at the Vampire level plus $25 so that means (as of this writing) the following minis are going to be trickling through my mailbox for the next year or so:

Jesus jumped up Christ would you look at all of this?

I put the extra $25 in there because after the drive is done there’s going to be a bunch of extras available and $25 means you have basically $25 to spend in a crazy cheap games store. Paint set? Cthulhu minis? A GODDAMN CLOCKWORK DRAGON? Who knows what I’m going to want when it’s available?

Anyway, this shit is on the way. I’ll be posting what shows up when it does and if people want it I’ll be selling them dirt cheap… that’s probably the easiest way to go about doing this.

2 Comments on “Kickstarted

  1. Oh, and before anybody bothers telling me what they want We Be Goblins is off the table. Those things are hilarious.

  2. Ha- I was just looking at the Reaper Kickstarter page. The $100 level is an amazing deal.