I’m tired of your double-talk Adrianne

Quit waving those superlative adjectives around then!

In the somewhat likely event that we’re still Rising with the Runelords* come early October, gaming will be switched to a TUESDAY night. Because I’ll be taking Blacksmithing classes.

It might get switched back really quickly as I discover being a blacksmith is hard on your arms, but I’m going to try to see it out all the way to December.

unless everything goes faster than I imagine, you’ll wrap up RoTRL in October, then we dick around again and I’ll plan on starting another Pathfinder game in December or January.

This time, with all-wrought-iron dice! THUD.

*Sounds like a really dreadful morning show on Druidjazz radio. “Hmmm, those were the smooth sounds of The Elk Talisman trio, starting off our morning just right with their interpretation of Nat King Cole’s Nature Boy. My name is Runelord Moonwolf Ashlimb, with me in the studio is Runelord Deerstartler Twig-and-Berries,  we’re going to keep your misteltoe trembling all through the sunrise salutation as we Rise with the Runelords here on Druidjazz FM. Now, more joyless noodling by self-indulgent musicians…”

6 Comments on “I’m tired of your double-talk Adrianne

  1. When you told me you were thinking about doing this I thought it was really cool. Then I was motivated to look see if community ed has cheese making classes. Before I did that I realize that for the foreseeable future my available free time was going to be taken up teaching my kid to swim. Then I thought about how I’m spending $40 plus monthly membership fees at the Y and I don’t even get a guarantee that my kid won’t drown. After that I went into a funk where I was using the term “wage slave” a lot. Luckily a strawberry rhubarb malt from the Dairy Building broke my funk and kept me from torching the Vote Yes building at the Fair. Long story short, let me know if my vicarious living is getting in the way your enjoyment of smithing. I don’t want to offend.

  2. Well, the good news is that swimming is a pretty much pass/fail class, so he should be done with it pretty quickly.

    I think if you could make wheels of cheese and I could make axes, we should start hiding them in people’s rain barrels and chests of drawers, along with a solitary potato.

  3. If there is one thing I know about blacksmithing, it’s that iron daggers are the way to go. You make a couple hundred of them, next thing you know you’ll be wowing your classmates with some sweet Daedric great swords.

  4. Iron Daggers, FTW. Also to be fair to Adrianne it’s true she is not the best blacksmith in Whiterun but she does resell the stuff I make which is way better than anything Eorlun Grey-Mane ever made.

  5. “I don’t claim to be the best blacksmith in Whiterun, I just know the most prodigious grave-robbers.”

  6. She also knows about location, location, location. Put your shit by the only gate in the city. No one wants to walk to the top of the hill carrying 200 lbs of Dwemar scrap metal.