Eleder Shopping

To save game time, here is the shopping information for Eleder:
It is a small, but bustling trading city of 9000 inhabitants; it is the capital of Sargava and its second largest city. The inhabitants are used to newcomers and are welcoming and reasonable, and most things are negotiable. It is however, starkly divided between the poor Zenj natives and the Chelish colonists. But none of you are Zenj, so that’s not a burden to you guys.

“We’re just… uh… helping them run their country… forever.”

Spellcasting is available up to 6th level spells. The temple of Iomedae (formerly Aroden’s) is the largest and oldest temple. Other temples maintained belong to Shelyn, Abadar and Gozreh. Mwangi congregants also have their own temples of Iomedae and Shimye-Magalla, a local divine blend of Desna and Gozreh.
Magic stuff:
Some of this is far beyond the party’s means, even after the party cashes in and presumably makes some money in the city. This is fine because they are all the closer to things like Dim Door skips and Teleport. Scouring the city for magic items will take 6 hours, so if you peek beneath the jump, you’re spending that time whether you buy anything or not:

No magical necklaces, because this broad bought them all.

4157 gp  +2 Heavy Wooden Shield
16180 gp  +2 Spell Resisting Tower Shield
1300 gp  Chainmail of Grinding
5400 gp  Full Plate of Shadow 
15000 gp  Gauntlets of Skill at Arms
32675 gp  +4 Composite Shortbow (Str 18)
6000 gp  Pipes of Haunting
40000 gp  Headband of Mental Prowess
2500 gp  Ring of Jumping
22000 gp  Ring of Greater Heat Resistance

Those Rings of Jumping aren’t kidding around.

75000 gp  Rod of Quicken Metamagic
32500 gp  Rod of Empower Metamagic
11250 gp  Wand of Protection from Energy
750 gp  Wand of Mage Armour
700 gp  Cure Serious Wounds
375 gp  Call Lightning
75 gp  Animate Rope
150 gp  Whispering Wind
150 gp  Spectral Hand
150 gp  Fox’s Cunning
150 gp  Summon Swarm
50 gp  Erase
750 gp  Waterbreathing
750 gp  Waterbreathing
400 gp  Barkskin (+3)
300 gp  Aid
750 gp  Fly
300 gp  Protection from Arrows
300 gp  Potion of Barkskin (+2)
300 gp  Spider Climb
50 gp  Potion of Shield of Faith
300 gp  Potion of Invisibility
300 gp  Potion of Bull’s Strength
250 gp  Enlarge Person

Goats are pretty much free and full of magic.

7 Comments on “Eleder Shopping

  1. Ooh, that +2 heavy wooden shield looks pretty swanky. Ahma snag that.

  2. This of course assumes that I have anywhere near enough money to buy it which is a pretty big if at this point.

  3. Yeah… I make it (after Floki puts his objets d’art in the kitty) about 722gp from your split of group funds.

    So, that shield is something to shoot for, am I right?

  4. Orny buys those Spectral Hand and Fox’s Cunning scrolls and feeds them to Bongripper.

  5. Can I purchase a shield on layaway?

  6. Can I spend those six hours finding a greedy captain that wants a cut of Ishiro’s treasure?

  7. The old “come to the haunted cannibal island, it’s fine now seriously” pitch? You could try.