Magnimar Shopping

Okay, Magnimar is obsessed with magic armour this season, apparently. After you go down into the sinkhole, maybe you’ll have better gear, maybe you’ll have more money. Maybe you’ll have fewer limbs, who knows? But after you come back out and go to Magnimar, this is what is available there. Let that guide your plan for custom-made magic stuff. I’ll get you cards when you actually pick the stuff up.

Spell Casting in Magnimar, for the purposes of buying potions and scrolls (FOR THE LOVE OF BABY JESUS BUY FUCKING HEALING) is up to 7th level spells. So you could take out some life insurance for yourself and buy a Scroll of Raise Dead for 6,125gp or Resurrection for 12,275gp.

The 15 available Slots, in case you didn’t know or had forgotten are:

  • Armor: suits of armor.
  • Belts: belts and girdles.
  • Body: robes and vestments.
  • Chest: mantles, shirts, and vests.
  • Eyes: eyes, glasses, and goggles.
  • Feet: boots, shoes, and slippers.
  • Hands: gauntlets and gloves.
  • Head: circlets, crowns, hats, helms, and masks.
  • Headband: headbands and phylacteries.
  • Neck: amulets, brooches, medallions, necklaces, periapts, and scarabs.
  • Ring (up to two): rings.
  • Shield: shields.
  • Shoulders: capes and cloaks.
  • Wrist: bracelets and bracers.
  • Stuff available in Magnimar:

    Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2, 4000gp

    Boots of the Winterlands, 2,500gp Dagfinn bought them already.

    Bracers of Armour +6, 36,000gp (Armour Bonus +6)

    Tome of Understanding +3, 82,500gp (lolz)

    Darkwood Buckler, 203gp (Armour Bonus +1, Max Dex -, ACPen 0, ASF 5%)

    +1 Buckler, 1155gp (Armour Bonus +2, Max Dex -, ACPen 0, ASF 5%)

    Slick Elven Chain, 8900gp (Light Armour, Armour Bonus +6, Max Dex +4, ACPen -2, ASF 20%,  +5 Escape Artist)

    +2 Light Wooden Shield, 4153gp (Armour Bonus +3, Max Dex -, ACPen 0, ASF 5%)

    +5 Chain Shirt, 25,250gp (Armour Bonus +9, Max Dex +4, ACPen -1, ASF 20%)

    Ring of Spellstoring, Minor 18,000gp

    Wand of Magic Stone, CL1, 750gp

    Wand of Feather Fall, CL1, 750gp

    Wand of Bear’s Endurance, CL3, 4500gp

    Wand of Fly, CL5, 12,100gp

    Wand of Summon Monster IV, CL7, 21,000gp

    Scrolls of:

    Floating Disk, CL1 25gp; Disguise Self, CL1 25gp; Grease, CL4 100gp; Scorching Ray, CL3 150gp; Arcane Lock, CL 3 175gp; Alarm, CL1 25gp; Rage, CL8 600gp; Blindness-Deafness, CL5 375gp.

    3 Comments on “Magnimar Shopping

    1. Halvard can now cast raise dead. So save yourself 1,125 gp and buy a 5,000 gp value diamond instead ’cause we need that if you die. Of if you’re badass buy the resurrection scroll so you don’t have to worry about negative levels making you normal assed.

    2. Tersplink is willing to loan one or more party members some cash (up to 15,000gp total) if they have a really good reason* for needing it. Do YOU qualify for a low interest Tersplink Dropwad loan? Find out today!**

      *”Really good reason” is here defined as whatever he thinks will keep him safest, or provide the most entertainment.

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