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1) Hey Matt, any chance we could get a log in link on the main page? Thanks awfully.

2) See how easy that was to ask for something politely? That is because I know who is able to help me. The cunts at Tower Games should pay fucking heed. The past four times I’ve gone in there there has been 6 dorks painting or gaming. If the one of them that actually runs the store can’t haul his arse away from what he is doing long enough to interact with me in some way, I have no fucking idea who I’m supposed to ask to order something. They all look the goddamn same. I’m sure they are all as unique as precious snowflakes on the inside, but they are practically identical doughy career-less man-children on the outside*. Don’t get me wrong, having a job where you get to paint miniatures and explain games must be the bee’s knees, but if the price of that job is that you at least fucking acknowledge your customers, that seems like a small tariff on your time. I’m not going to bellow “Who works here? Attend me now!” in the middle of the room: if I was socially gregarious, I wouldn’t be in your fucking game shop looking for roleplaying supplies, you lazy tits.

The guy with the glasses and wee beard was always incredibly helpful, even if I didn’t need his help. I really hope he hasn’t jumped ship. That would essentially leave the Starship Towergames full of those background guys you see behind Geordi and Data.

/end futile ragedump

*This of course brings up the possibility that they are mistaking me as a fellow, as-yet-unmet employee and are wondering why I’m being such a dick.

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  1. if it’s the blonde guy with the wee beard, I believe his name is John, and I believe him to be the owner.

  2. My method is always to just stand near the painting table and say “Can anybody, like, uh…” and whoever’s working there jumps up.


    Nobody’s ever said “can you just wait until I get this drybrush done?”

  3. Jumped up? Really? They don’t seem like a jumping crowd.

    Is his name John? He is great. If he is the owner then I guess that is why he is interested in customers, whereas all the rest are just happy as long as no one makes them earn their pay.

  4. The other super helpful dude is the nigh-bald guy with the big red beard and tattoos. And i’m not even talking about b.rose, I think his name is Tim. He’s really cool to talk to and was helpful with 40k from day one, he’s usually at the painting table.

    there’s only one employee at tower that i’m not a fan of, but I don’t know his name. It’s rough to get him to the counter, and more than once he’s made fun of the stuff that I bought — “Ooooh, crazy psycho space marines” when I was buying chaos. boo-urns.

    John and Tim make up for it though. When I went to Tower on Monday, Proprietor John and some other guy were playing Galaxy Truckers with TWO WOMEN, IN THE STORE.

    I know.

  5. David, after you put that monocle back on, look at the top left corner above “Latest Posts.”