Custom stand-ins

Rushing to get these done as well as finish the NPC miniatures for 6 castaways…
I’m pretty happy with how the Tengu worked. If anyone wants a customized was-rat-now-crow-person I think I could do a decent job now that I’ve seen how it works.
Okay, Tengu Prototype: 
022 Stage One Percy
Left: That’s what the plastic skaven – of which I have maybe a dozen – look like. Gnarly rat men.
Right: That’s it all converted up. I took a guess that Percy would use Sarenrae’s holy weapon, the scimitar, but being a Tengu he isn’t bound by the normal cleric weapon restrictions and can use a Bastard Sword. So that’s what he is doing, just not in this miniature. That was just a whittled down skaven shortsword anyway. Other than that, beak ground off, tail snipped, ears lopped off (not entirely successfully as the helmet plates still kind of follow the ear, but you live and learn) and horned rat triangle ground off and replaced with something medallion-y. I green-stuffed on some feathery frills to the arms and gave him kind of a ruffle of feathers around the neck. The holy symbol of Sarenrae is a winged woman with her arms outstretched, which, in medallion form, looks a lot like a crucifix. I tried to give it some depth/tits, but I’m not sure how well that worked.

023  024


Left; Painted it. Looking at the iconic Cleric, Kyra, who is a Cleric of Sarenrae, she has plenty of middle eastern influences, since Sarenrae’s worship is big in the desert parts of Golarion. Eh, only so much I can do with a converted skaven. But I tried to stick pretty closely to Kyra’s colour scheme, although abandoning the subtlety of the illustrations because subtle won’t work on something that is essentially all black. Anyway, blue robe and yellow hood seemed reasonably appropriate and I put a repeating design on the blue robe to make it a bit more interesting and give it a more exotic feel. And bronzed armour because that seems appropriate for a follower of the sun goddess.
Right: Nobody and the back of the Tengu. You can see that pattern on the back of the robe a bit better. I will probably go over it once more – the varnish helps take some of the glare off the metallic paints and makes it easier to see mistakes. I had planned to do some sort of pattern on the yellow hood, but I was rushing to get these done and varnished. also pictured there is Nobody. I figured gunslinger can go a couple of ways, stylistically, but I don’t think you get to be Clint Eastwood from the start. I gave him bits from warhammer renaissance era humans, to go along with his renaissance era weapon. Some damn fancy pants, because what’s the point of being on the cutting edge of technology if you can’t wear a slashed leather vest, some duellist arm protection and some damn fancy pants. He has a powder horn too, so you know he means business. I want to go back and touch up the powder horn a little and the crotch flap/codpiece. I still love the beastman head. More Tieflings!

3 Comments on “Custom stand-ins

  1. Those feathery mutton chops go SO FAR to make that mod work that it kind of blows my mind. Obscuring that jawline to isolate the beak some more changes the anatomy on that thing so much.

  2. And that isn’t available for the masked one-that-I’m-making-for-Noe-that-she-didn’t-want-to-use because the mask, sensibly, is a cylinder. There is still room to have its neck feathers obscure the scrawny skaven neck, but I’m hoping the flare of the arm feathers help accentuate the tengu-ness of it.

  3. Hey, I forgot to mention. We saw 47 Ronin just before the New Year. There are Tengu in the movie. All male, of course, but it was cool to see their take on these creatures. More Human than bird. More eagle than crow. The eyes were huge. Interesting.