Virtual Battletech

When I was talking about Battletech the other day I forgot to mention that there’s a free Java-based virtual Battletech game that we can all play. Megamek is something I’ve played on and off for years, but I forget about it every now and then. The computer has always been way better than me, but every time I step back into it I’m reminded what I like about Battletech: turns are shared, initiative matters, and because of how the points system works out for army building there’s a retarded amount of variability in army approaches you can have at a given point level.

It’s free. Fuck with it.Megamek screenshot

One Comment on “Virtual Battletech

  1. I should point out that this is also completely great as a way to build lists. All the codexy information that tells you how much a given load out for a unit or mech is in the MegaMek unit building part of the game. It does all the math!

    I just filled out an inventory of all the shit I got in my first 90-model eBay lot based on MegaMek, and it took me exactly half an episode of Trailer Park Boys.