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I’m not posting the full run down of last week or last night’s action, just because it all runs together, so I’ll post it when you’re done. Thanks to Ben and Noe for hosting and for keeping us supplied with beer/chili/bread.

Short recap:

Albedon: In his haste to outrun the urine running down his leg, he panicked his way down the stairs at the sound of the satyr’s pipes and knocked himself unconscious. Percy guards him now.


Very unlikely to be eaten by dogs any time soon.

Badonk: Cursed to stare vacantly into space 50% of the time.

Corwin: Has a creepy mirror in his extradimensional backpack. So I can’t imagine any bad would ever come of that. Corwin is doin’ alright.

Nah, it'll be fine.

Dagfinn: Dagfinn doesn’t always critical; but when he does, he criticals with his rapier. Dagfinn’s doing alright.

Kerplak: What’s the difference between Kerplak and Ray Charles? Ray Charles never emptied the clip of his repeating crossbow into a crowd of his friends.

Lonny: Has his smiting face on and is starting to be talked about in hushed tones on the elemental plane of air. Lonny is doing alright.

The party’s woes (concentrated as they are on Badonk, Arradin, Kerplak and Corwin’s throwing arm) are solvable: respectively Remove Curse, Dispel Magic (not Restoration as I believe I said, but a contest between the dispeller and Rhoswen’s spell; a difficult task, but a possible one), Remove Blindness/Deafness or Dispel Magic again. As for Corwin’s throwing arm, I dunno, new dice?

So not hopeless for the party, but not exactly hopeless for Rhoswen either… she hasn’t even bothered to call for her guards yet.

In retrospect, giving out critical cards when you critical uncriticalable creatures (i.e. elementals) is dumb. No more of that. They’re supposed to be a pain in the ass to people who practice kidney shots, that’s the niche they fill. Not as some kind of critical generators.

Note that this doesn’t effect magic criticals. Magic criticals mean the spell has typically overperformed in some way (see: send water elemental back through time for X rounds). There are some spell criticals that affect body parts, I think, but if a creature doesn’t have eyeballs to implode, you can’t apply that kind of critical.

Next week: The fight continues.

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  1. Jesus God I hope my brother and Duffin can both make it… we need some reinforcements.