Steve Jackson Quickies

As long as we’re discussing our Chrisnukwanzakah presents, the missus gave me Zombie Dice and it’s been an excellent time-waster.

It consists of a cup and 13 six-sided dice (and really the cup is optional). You’re a zombie looking to collect your RDA of brains before taking too many shotgun blasts. There are different dice with varying numbers of brain, shotgun, or footstep (if your prey escapes) sides. It’s a simple game to pick up and takes about 10 minutes with two people although pretty much any number can play.

It goes well with the other Steve Jackson di(c)e game we have, Cthulhu Dice.

Everyone takes turns trying to make everyone else go insane. This one involves a d12 carved with hideous, mind-melting symbols man was not meant to know along with some hideous, mind-melting glass beads man was not meant to know for keeping track of your remaining sanity.

This one is better in a larger group so there’s some variety in who you attack; it’s okay with two people if each person controls two or more “players” though. The best part is that half the time no one is left with any sanity, in that case everyone loses and Cthulhu wins. Up to 6 can play and it still shouldn’t take much more than 15 minutes.

So yeah, if you don’t quite have the three day weekend needed to set up Doctor Who: The Game Of Time & Space, these are a good way to go. Ooh, now I want to play Doctor Who again…

One Comment on “Steve Jackson Quickies

  1. Zombie dice: Totally great. Cheap, simple, easy to learn. I might have to pick that up.