Some suggestions from your Scottish bretheren

Desfaber has unleashed me on your brilliant forum! Long time since our last converstations around his fire pit…
I tried to post this back on April 14th so I will try again, slightly update it – and hope I do not make a very poor start by repeating myself…!?
Some good board games for you to look out for at Tower:
7 Wonders – Easy to learn, fast, infinate variation, 30 to 40 mins max, we have played it at least 50+ times and we LOVE it.
Alien Frontiers – Brilliant format unlike any other game we have played, 2.5 hours. Coolest D6 (smokey centre) I have EVER seen.
Battlestar Gallactica – If you like the TV show you will love this… 4 hours. Lots of pointing at each other and accusing everyone as that enemy alien force within. Great minatures too.
Cyclades – The monster miniatures are worth it just to paint, lots of variation, 2.5 hours. Variable boards too based on player numbers.
Egizia – Egypt, resource allocation, shafting each other, 2.5 hours
Wings of War – My new great love. WWI (or WWII) air to air combat, with or without 1:144 scale aircraft. I love it with the aircraft. Once we have a decent sortie I will post some better photos!
On the RPG front:
Cubicle 7 have brought out a series of books under the banner “Cthulhu Britanica”, that includes a big hardback book on Scotland…!!! plus others on England generally ;-p and the West Country…??? We are playing and really enjoying the Scotland one right now. I shot two locals in a pub in Mallaig last night. (In the RPG!)
Cthulhu by Gaslight is to be imminently re-released… finally. Get those top hats and tails at the ready.
SLA Industries is also about to be reworked and released further on in time from the original.
Finally if you like Judge Dredd (yes!!!) and wanted to get roleplaying, punk, yesterday I stumbled across the Traveller based system… looks pretty good!?
Thats all for now. Happy gaming!From the Deluxe starter set

3 Comments on “Some suggestions from your Scottish bretheren

  1. I really do like the sound of the BSG game. At the beginning of the game, you find out if you are a human or a cylon. There is one cylon to start with and they must keep that a secret as they work to undermine, but not obviously screw everyone else over.

    Then partway through the game, another person discovers they are a cylon and must try to figure out who their secret ally is without giving them away. Meanwhile everyone is suspicious of everyone else… I hope Bryce buys this…

  2. My grandmother volunteered at the Salvation Army. Everyone once in a while she would find something she thought I would like and give it to me. She got me Traveler. I had no clue what it was but then I played D&D a few years later and then it clicked. What I recall from it is that there was a crazy amount of options in character creating and I’m pretty sure you can die during creation. I’ve still got the box set it anyone wants to give it a try. I think Tower stopped carrying it. I don’t recall if it comes with an adventure though.

  3. Thanks, Jonathan. My list of games I want is already shamefully long, and Wings of War looks like an easy way to scratch a space/air combat itch I’ve been suffering with for months.

    Also, if we ever finish this Pathfinder campaign I’m totally suggesting SLA Industries or Cthulhu by Gaslight as our next way to waste three years of Thursdays.