Hobbit Movie Update… TRILOGY!!

Well, I for one cannot get enough of PJ’s Middle Earth.
Now we have 3 visits to drool over: Dec 2012, Dec 2013, and Summer 2014!

3 Comments on “Hobbit Movie Update… TRILOGY!!

  1. Blimey. That suggests there were a lot of extra scenes that they cobbled together into another film. I hope it is worth it.

    Hmmm, how long before a Silmarillion trilogy?

    • They called a pile of the actors back for extra material recently and certain briefly mentioned aspects in the book like Gandalf’s visit to Dol Guldur (!!!!) have been significantly ‘fleshed out’…!
      I am hoping stuff like that may make the switch to three films justifed, as long as they stay reasonably failthful to the book.
      (I will not complain however if they steer it away from its original ‘safe’ child ‘friendy’ roots… the world does not need another crappy Harry Potter film.)
      Silmarillion. WOW. Now that would be amazing. A whole feature filmed on Blue Screen!? Also much more accessible than the book!

  2. I’m pretty sure that Peter Jackson just couldn’t figure out how to cut down the Dire Straights extended version of That’s What Bilbo Baggins Hates. That must add at least another 20 minutes to the first movie. I’m guessing Plant and Paige’s reworking of Misty Mountain Hop into Misty Mountain Cold must be even longer.