First useful Pathfinder app I’ve found

I imagine there’s more good stuff you guys with iPhones can use, but there’s a pretty good application on the Android market called Spellbook – PF. It’s got the spell lists and information for all the Pathfinder stuff, but you can also select things for your character’s personal spell book. It’s going to be a little more labor for clerics, since they swap their spells in and out a little more, but I think it’s going to make me a lot more honest about which spells I’m selecting for Lonny.

4 Comments on “First useful Pathfinder app I’ve found

  1. I initially scoffed when I saw that it actually cost money (OMG- $1.99!) but then came to my senses and realized that I’ve literally spent next to nothing on this game. Nice find, Jim.

  2. I kind of like the idea – I think it would be a good way to organize NPC spells too, because I’m a lot less invested in the spell list of BadGuyMagicUser#5 than you lot are with your PC spell list. This way I could set it up and then care even less.

  3. The only thing it doesn’t have is a counter so you can check things off as you use them. Like, it’d be nice if a sorcerer knew how many invisibilities he had left, or if a cleric knew how many spells he had at X level. Still, it’s nice to be able to rush through spell lists really fast and have ranges and durations and effect at your fingertips without thumbing through a book. It makes putting hash marks on a post-it that much less of a burden.