You know what he is shouting? "Sworrrrrrrd!"


Cloak Detail

Got this guy in under wire before I picked up Dragon Age II, so this may be the last mini that gets painted for a while. This miniature is something I’ve had for a wee while and I wanted to test something out on it. I ended up testing 4 different things on it, so it ended up a bit busier than it should have been. It is quite a simple model, with lots of undetailed areas which made it ideal for probably 2 of the experiments, 4 is a bit much. I think it would still be good for a high-level elf/half-elf fighter.

1 – Coloured Armour. Success. Yeah, that worked. I’ve done it before but the new inks work even better at staining armour. A very light blue wash works for clean looking silver armour. Little bit of brown and it looks like crappy armour.  This is blue-metal armour and I think it worked okay.

2 – Embossed Armour. Eh, mixed results. The silver swirls on the armour are easy enough to do. Painting freehand like that stufff isn’t to difficult, unless you are trying to make it symmetrical. Freehand – easy, symmetrical – total pain in the ass. The swirls on the calves I liked, the stuff on the chest wasn’t all it could be.

3 – Swordmetal. Failure. Man, I don’t like how that turned out. The idea was that I’d give it a Boltgun Metal base, then paint the little flames at stages up the blade. Then I’d ink everything. Then everything except the top section, then everything except the top two, then everything except the three sections… etc. Yeah, didn’t work. I think maybe I went too heavy on the ink at first and that kind of blew it. Boo.

4 – Cloak. Success. I wanted a cold coloured cloak that was relatively simple with a greek key or something across the bottom. I ended up doing a celtic knot because I can do those in my sleep and made it jagged like waves, because that seemed to fit with the blue theme of the model. If you stick your face really close to the cloak you can see how the knot was painted, so it certainly could have been done more precisely, but I like the effect and I’ll try more of those as cloak edges.

One Comment on “Dragonguy

  1. Regardless about what you say about the rest of the paint job, there’s no denying that the cloak looks fantastic. I don’t know how you paint such wee detail.