Dodecaheathens 2.0 development underway!

That’s right, version 2.0 of Dodecaheathens has begun. What does that mean? It means that I have set up a new, locally staged version of the site.

Does that mean I can expect to see a new Dodecaheathens site sometime in the foreseeable future?

No. I mean, god no. But at least when it launches sometime later this year in 2014  soon, we will have a date that shows when it all started. Hurray!

What will the next Dodecaheathens website do that this one doesn’t?

My scrying into the future has revealed that people will be using “smart phones” and “tablets,” magic devices that use touch instead of the traditional keyboard and mouse, and feature teeny tiny screens in high definition. The next version of Dodecaheathens will support these devices. Plus we’re freshening up the art and designing what we call in the web biz a “custom template.” I know, sounds fancy. Other currently unavailable features, like search, will also be present. Because its a fucking blog, and you might want to look up a dick joke we posted.

UDPATE: Search does work. I must’ve misunderstood David. I could’ve sworn he said Search was broken. Or he was lying to me.

Who knows what other surprises Dodecaheathens v2.o may contain. Heck, I sure don’t. Let us know what you’d like to see. I may even humor you with an email if you do.



5 Comments on “Dodecaheathens 2.0 development underway!

  1. You are the wind beneath my wings, Matt.

    But no, that is what I meant: I tried it today and it is the first time “Search this site” has ever disappeared when I clicked on it, ready to be searched. It’s working now, so put it down to user error.

  2. BTW there are seven results for”dick jokes” and six results for “dicks”, so I guess we’re kind of serious about dicks on this site.

  3. That’s the same query I used to test the search functionality. We’re making our parents proud, oh boy.

  4. Sounds good!
    Is there any way to have a world map that logs / marks the ISP address of members and possibly more interestingly any visitors?
    Over a few years this may be pretty cool!
    An idiot proof photo uploader would be great too, as it may free Desfaber from sorting out my posts each time I make a total cod of trying to upload them!!

  5. Those are great suggestions. Right now I’m actually looking at the site taking notes and getting ideas. I’m looking forward to making this site just a little more badass, both for the contributors and for the first time readers.

    Keep the suggestions coming!