Assemble your crew.

So last night we rolled up (no actual rolling) our crew for Star Trek Adventures. The Modiphius website’s character generator is very good except that:

A) it doesn’t limit character races by sourcebook, so a few people got very excited at the idea of playing hybrid Klingons only to find out that they could not, because we don’t have the source material to back that up in play.

B) it appears to cast entirely created characters out into the void on a whim.

Other than that it does everything and largely negates the need for the Rulebook. But I’m still glad we got together to talk about what we wanted to play and also the ship-building. Hopefully these notes accurately reflect what people put together.

Six to beam aboard:

Commander Sorel, an honourable half human, half Vulcan Engineer, determined to discover the mysteries of the cosmos. Sorel believes strongly in the value of teamwork and the application of the rigorous training he has received throughout his life. Cmdr Sorel will be played by Bryce.

Lieutenant (Junior Grade) V’Rona a Vulcan medical officer. V’Rona’s career so far sets her up perfectly to serve aboard the Chiron as she has a passion for curing disease. She is devoted to the twin rigours of science and the Starfleet command structure. Dr Lt V’Rona will be played by Noe.

Commander Troka is a firm but fair Denobulan of the Command Division. He puts great stock in the performance of his team and is willing to act decisively should diplomatic measures fail to resolve the problems he encounters. He is motivated by the drive to reduce suffering in the galaxy. Cmdr Troka will be played by Ben.

Fun Fact: Denobulans are very social, polyamorous and have unbelievably long tongues.

Commander Changa is of Andorian and Betazoid heritage and is head of Security. An ex-Section 31 operative (shh, that’s a secret), his ruthlessness in service of the Federation would make many quail. Like, seriously. SERIOUSLY. Cmdr Changa will be played by Sean.

Chief Specialist Rolland is an NCO and so has never attended Starfleet Academy in San Francisco. Instead he learned the soft power of scientific advancement elsewhere and never really bought into the stiff Starfleet structure. An optimist, he is ready to set out on the Chiron’s extended mission. Conveniently, Specialist Rolland will be played by Rolland, otherwise that would be confusing.

Master Chief ch’Hezney is an Andorian Conn operator who is excited at the prospect of taking this new Defiant-class starship through its paces. He is a competitive and keeps two of his vices (his hatred of Romulans and his leniency towards slavery) under enough wraps to pass through the NCO ranks of Starfleet. Chief ch’Hezney will be played, when he can, by JIM.

“To everyone except Romulans, am I right? Those fucking guys.”

The last member of the team is the USS Chiron, a brand new, Defiant class starship. Commissioned as a Crisis and Emergency intervention vessel, its mission is to use its considerable speed to establish a Starfleet presence in some of the most perilous situations within and without Federation space. The Chiron is unusual in that it has expanded shuttlebays, with insertion and extraction flexibility when transporters aren’t cutting it.

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  1. Actually… I am commander Soral – NOT THE BOOT, and the ship is named Solace, I thought.

    • Hmm, I’ve got Chiron written down on the sheet. Anyone else have a better memory?