The Acts of the Lords of Rannick, XVI

If I had made this ‘dungeon’, I would have been annoyed that everyone bypassed the kewl rooms I’d made; but actually I think the Route One approach is clever given that the party can’t sleep. The dungeon can’t… Read More

Now you’re thinking with Portals too.

If Chatroulette has taught us anything, it is that if a Portal Gun ever existed, people would – almost immediately – use it to show other people their cocks. You’d be sitting there, reading the paper in a… Read More

Virtual Battletech

When I was talking about Battletech the other day I forgot to mention that there’s a free Java-based virtual Battletech game that we can all play. Megamek is something I’ve played on and off for years, but I… Read More

Why don’t we all have one of these?

The good people at Think Geek have an idea for the ages: a 20-sided dice that has LEDs that blink when you roll a 20. I guess that like you, I’m still waiting for them to create one… Read More

How about the 31st century?

I’ve been slacking on painting the three armies I’ve got between Warmachine and 40k. I feel like I’ve only got a handful of really detailed single or small squad minis to paint, or dozens of really simple things… Read More

Update update

I’m not posting the full run down of last week or last night’s action, just because it all runs together, so I’ll post it when you’re done. Thanks to Ben and Noe for hosting and for keeping us… Read More

Chase cards & New Familiars

An update on what I was saying about the Paizo chase cards: they’re getting the art done and have finalised the layout. I like the idea that even if you don’t have the requisite skill, you can fall… Read More

I still paint 40k miniatures you know.

Left: Admiral Manthony Dash-Hyphen; the guy who stops your dudes from arriving. Mostly by making them feel small with his superior mannerisms. Middle: Sanctioned Astropath; enjoys good wine, cool jazz, walks on the beach and staring into the… Read More

The Acts of the Lords of Rannick, XV

So last week wrapped up with Dagfinn creating a little bubble of invisibility in a battlefield full of losing. Dagfinn, upset that his “friends” were fighting his “friends” put up Sphere of Awkwardly Coordinated Group Tactics and shrouded… Read More


Jesus fucking christ. Fuuuuuuck.