Oh, Paizo… you had me at Cthello

He isn't in any adventure, they just wanted to make a Bestiary entry for him... and also commission artwork of what it would look like in their game.

3 Comments on “Oh, Paizo… you had me at Cthello

  1. Does his lieutenant make him really jealous by inferring that Cthello’s new wife is cheating on him with a shoggoth? Even after Cthello and she had made the beast with 2√-1 backs?

  2. Are you talking about Iago-Sothoth, The Lurker at the Gate, who is both the Key and the Gate?

    Yeah, that guy is a dick. And a key and a gate. Also a Lurker.

  3. Alright Tallens, I propose next year you do a Bard/Lovecraft mash up. “Thing that should be or thing that should not be, that is the question.” There you go. It writes itself from there.