Dagfinn has seven keys…

…which reminded me of this song by German power metal heroes, Helloween:


I was super into Helloween in ’88-’89 and now that seems like I must have had a brain parasite for those years. Holy shit, this is dreadful. I challenge you to listen to the whole thing. Go on, fucking try it. I’ll wait.

Just awful, wasn’t it?

But when I was 13, this stuff was gold. Songs about putting armour on and killing satan? Awesome!

I had two t-shirts with the cover art to Keeper of The Seven Keys Pt 1 and KOTSK Pt 2. I wore them ALL THE TIME.

2 Comments on “Dagfinn has seven keys…

  1. “Hey, nice t-shirt, is that a band?”
    “Kinda looks like album artwork.”
    “It isn’t. You shouldn’t listen to it even if it was. Which it isn’t. Stop looking at me.”