Painting Bones

  I had some theories about what might work on the Bones miniatures, which seems important, because I can’t imagine we won’t see more of these. Cheap, light, durable and good quality. They are VERY easy to clip…. Read More

Castaway Diary, Days 5 & 6.

Survival roleplaying can get old quickly. Some people enjoy counting every arrow and parcelling out the iron rations and some people don’t. Surviving on the island isn’t easy, but sensible steps taken mean that the party shouldn’t be… Read More

Jim’s Bones came

I had to do some painting and removing of some last furniture and crap from the nursery tonight, and let me tell you having that box of dozens and dozens of miniatures you want to leaf through is… Read More

Castaway Diary, Days 2, 3, 4.

A slightly hectic session as I had to lay out the NPC  personalities (which isn’t that easy when some of them aren’t doing anything) and the party had to balance basic survival tasks that took a long time… Read More

Custom stand-ins

Rushing to get these done as well as finish the NPC miniatures for 6 castaways…   I’m pretty happy with how the Tengu worked. If anyone wants a customized was-rat-now-crow-person I think I could do a decent job… Read More

Miniature Bonus

Get it? It’s a small bonus. For miniatures.   Your mileage with this project may vary – it is entirely optional. It isn’t going to radically give someone a leg up over anyone else, but it does reward… Read More


I took David seriously when he said he wanted minis starting out pretty unimpressive, then moving up from there. I bought a series of not-super-wizardy-looking robe-wearers to represent Orny. This guy is what you get when you input… Read More

Dodecaheathens 2.0 development underway!

That’s right, version 2.0 of Dodecaheathens has begun. What does that mean? It means that I have set up a new, locally staged version of the site. Does that mean I can expect to see a new Dodecaheathens… Read More

Gardeners of the White Rose 8

Hellcallers Cup and Ghaelfin   When last we left our adventurers they were poised to fight the creations of Rance Lucca’s best summoner in what is known sa the Hellcallers Cup.  Victory means access to the remains of… Read More

Castaway Diary, Day 1

Man, that Jakeenos delivery was really good. Their jumbo wings are the official Chicken Wing of Thursday Night Pathfinder. I didn’t over do it with Matt’s barter-whisky either last night, although I was definitely scouting “feeling shitty” this… Read More