The Godblather, Part 2

More stuff about gods: this time the good and the neutral type.   We could talk about Paladins until the cows come home but there are three important things I’ve learned from skimming the Paladin discussion threads at… Read More

The Godblather, Part 1

  Religion hasn’t figured very highly so far in our Pathfinder games. We had Lonny Doon, cleric of Torag, the dwarven god of being super-dwarven; Halvard Blodvin, who represented Gorum, Our Lord In Iron, very well I thought…. Read More

Splitting the riches… reshaping the world.

I figure you return to Magnimar with your bags of holding, pockets and cheeks with a fortune worth 760,000gp on the market. By volume, most of it is in liquid assets, then there are appraised stuff and then… Read More