Castaway Diary, Day 8.

  I assume you are familiar with the works of Larry Van Pelt. I trust that you are.   Orny has been casting Guidance a lot. A LOT. Because absent anything to get all witchy on, those Orisons,… Read More

Castaway Diary, Day 7 cont.

  From the GM point of view, playing in a sandbox like Smuggler’s Shiv can look like no progress is being made. It is a big island, full of stuff, but that is being revealed to the players… Read More

My things, let me show them to you.

A couple of things that I think are great and don’t have to be cluttering up any place other than this one:  

For the love of God, see Pacific Rim

I wasn’t planning on seeing Guillermo Del Toro’s latest summer blockbuster Pacific Rim, but I’m glad I did. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved every film of Del Toro’s that I’ve seen. I thought both Hellboy movies were… Read More

Castaway Diary, Day 7.

Other than the fight, which was more dangerous and lengthy than it needed to be, but not in a bad way, we didn’t really get too much done last night. But there were several portents of things yet… Read More

Saturday is… Games Day!!!

All day game-fest planned this Saturday! We are starting at 09.00 and we will go on till it becomes Sunday… WWI Wings of War, Cosmic Encounter, possibly Galaxy Truckers and others too. Yes I am excited! Watch this… Read More