Crusader Kings III

I loved Crusader Kings 2. It was, incrementally, an amazing game – an utterly pointless, engrossing, medieval sandbox simulator. You could get it running in 1066 and let it go until 1453 and it would recreate “A” medieval… Read More

It’s been a while…

Normally I’d have littered this blog with all of my gushing excitement over the next game I was about to run: and believe me, my excitement for Legend of The Five Rings is still torrential. But this whole… Read More

Numenera: The second E should have an acute accent over it. It might be that kind of game…

This isn’t a review of anything. I ramble a bit about four games I think you should get for your computer if you have not yet done so: Icewind Dale I and II, Pillars of Eternity and Torment:… Read More

GTA V / Tomb Raider

Carol was away on Scholz-ladies cabin trip this weekend so I spent all weekend in front of the TV playing Grand Theft Auto V and Tomb Raider. Also eating sardines and watching Dredd, which I don’t do when… Read More

Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun is an awesomely stupid setting when you think about it. Fortunately, my opiate receptors are open to awesome and  unresponsive to stupid, so I’ve been enjoying the hell out of Shadowrun Returns, a Kickstarted single-player RPG available… Read More

FTL, OMGFTL!!!1!   I don’t have time to tell you how awesome this is. It is $10 and I’m seriously considering fronting everyone I know who likes games so that they can play this game. I’m probably not going… Read More

Well, that de-escalated quickly… SWTOR will go free to play to level 50 some time later this year. This is good news for me. I liked the game, but wasn’t going to get stuck playing umpty-dollars a month to play. I’m… Read More

Mass (indenting) Effect

I remember blogging ages ago, somewhere else, about Mass Effect but I’m going to do it again here, now that I’ve had some time to think over the trilogy having beaten/been beaten by the last installment last week…. Read More

Star Wars : The Old Republic

I was determined to review what I could of SW:TOR after a week of owning it, but that seems kind of silly now because I underestimated the extent to which your character’s story continues through the game. I… Read More

Pathfinder MMO

It looks like Paizo has a spin off company called Goblinworks that is developing a Pathfinder MMO. This seems like a good, albeit risky, way for them to expand their brand and compete with Wizards/Hasbro. I’ve never played… Read More