Space to fill

We did a bit of galaxy-building for The Stars Are Fire in preparation for our Sunday night games finally getting offline. Fuck all this technology, let’s play some sci-fi! We’re using their Revel setting, a near-future… well 300… Read More

Numenera 2: The Quiet Year of Lone Makhtesh

Before The Bright Ones came, the people of your community struggle to remember that they lived very different lives. They had their own communities, their own families and friends. They had their own trades and professions, religions and… Read More

The Quiet Year and Dialect: Character building through Worldbuilding through gameplaying.

Part of the appeal of Numenera 2 (Electric Boogaloo in the Butt) is the focus on building your own aldeia – your own Ninth World settlement amidst all those millions of years of ruined civilizations. The Ozymandius’ Mighty… Read More

Cypher System Deadlands: Homebrew progress 2

So after hammering out Fightin’ Sort, Spinner and Drifter as Character Types, I came up with a simple equipment list, thought about bullets, and fleshed out the Stealth Flavour and the Weird Science Flavour.

Combat Maneuvers Made Easy (well, easier)

In a fit of boredom and not-wanting-to-do-day-job-work yesterday I made an Excel spreadsheet that tells you what both parties involved in a combat maneuver should roll. Hopefully, it will help to make them a more viable option in… Read More

Coming Soon- the Wokify app!

Dear Dodecaneers, Dodecaheathens Laboratories is proud to announce that after years of R&D the Wokify app will finally be released! Visit the site this Thursday, April 16th, in the year of our Lord 2015, at dusk to witness… Read More