Numenera 7: Complications

I did a bad job last session of handing out GM Intrusions. I ended up only dishing out one optional Intrusion and spinning out one natural-1 Intrusion, Meef’s Creeper. I’m trying to figure out which comes first, the… Read More

Numenera 6: Plainsight

Spoilers ahead for one of the scenarios in the main rulebook, which I guess I should get out the way before Numenera 2: Electric Boogaloo comes out next year and they replace the introductory scenarios. Of the four,… Read More

Numenera 5: Making friends! Not you, Murden.

That was very nearly a session without combat. Swoon! Nevertheless, this was a busy session, with an awful lot of stuff going on and I’m sorry Rolland missed it. The characters got a little more fleshed out, I… Read More

Predation pitch

This is a naked and shameless plug to try to convince Steven to pick up Predation and introduce the Scottish game group to play a Cypher System game and tell me how they liked it. Because I think… Read More

Numenera 4: The Gang Throws Grenades At Biomechanical Canines.

Straight into it, because I want to write a thing about Predation because it sounds really cool after listening to it described on the Cypher Speak podcast. Sharad, an Intelligent Nano who Leads and exhbits shocking behaviour. Meef,… Read More