Rambling about enhancements

The DM screen might have been the first clever bit of not-strictly-necessary prop usage ever inflicted on gaming groups and since then gaming groups have added more and more stuff, usually not as successfully, to make their gaming… Read More

Labyrinth of Ruin, Part 1

There’s a real risk of me going totally fanboy crazy over Descent and the Fantasy Flight campaign-in-a-box games, so I’ll try to rein it in a bit. It’s just… after playing 40k, and pissing money away on that… Read More

Whut? Where am I? Did I fall asleep?

May 2015? Jesus Christ, was it really that long ago? Was it really just after I got Descent? Had we only tested the waters with Mansions of Madness? Woo boy. Well, that last post is kind of appropriate… Read More