Woodland friends

Today I finally decided to break my streak of not painting any miniatures ever by undertaking a really, really simple project for Pathfinder.

I wanted to bench Lonny for the next , and some of the stuff Rhoswen had up her sleeve looked like it’d be fun for good guys to do too, so I searched the Reaper catalog for a plausibly druidic looking badass with a beard. I think I found a good one, and he’s about 1/4 of the way to being painted.

What I did get painted today, though, was his woodland friends

I painted a badger!

Bases and stuff aren’t done yet, and the bear’s hopefully not going to be so shiny once he gets his first coat of matte, but the badger was fun.

4 Comments on “Woodland friends

  1. Nice!

    I feel like you may have been led down the garden path re: Rhoswen. She wasn’t a druid, Tenzekil was, but I wasn’t going to correct people’s assumptions. She was a sorceror, albeit a fey one with lots of special fey bad-girl powers.

    But still, if that garden path is strewn with awesome animal miniatures… I feel less bad about that.

  2. I was wondering how someone who is clearly evil could still have druidic powers. That still doesn’t explain Tenzekil.

  3. Tenzikil wasn’t evil, he was distraught and occasionally lashing out.

    Actually, we never really confirmed that he had any control over his actions at all, did we? I mean, Torag wouldn’t have smote him so hard if he’d been a soul we could save so no regrets. Still… that’s something we might look into in the future.

  4. I wish we saw more of these now-a-days….You really should do a Mammoth…**Bampf**