Kickstarting fever

It was looking at all the Dusk City Outlaws stuff that got me occasionally looking at Kickstarter (still looking forward to playing that when it comes out) and then I stumbled across Rising Sun and plunked down the… Read More

Some games that aren’t all about murdering everyone. No, they mostly are.

I’m still working on a recap of the complicated situation the Echo Wood crew finds themselves in. In the meantime: brief notes of games I’ve enjoyed recently. FarCry4, I wish they’d never stop making these. In fact, I… Read More

Echo Wood, TL;DR and more Mass Effect thoughts.

Having left the Emerald Spire, the party returned to Thornkeep where they: Successfully reunited the wayward Adelind Fraston with her parents, who were very grateful. Talked Adelind into staying with her parents, basically, with Dr Cyrus’ talk therapy…. Read More

Lords of Waterdeep, Friendless Shut-in Edition.

I picked up the iphone game Lords of Waterdeep last week, in part to see me through trips down to Northfield.   It is one of those games like Ticket to Ride and Elder Sign that seem like… Read More

Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun is an awesomely stupid setting when you think about it. Fortunately, my opiate receptors are open to awesome and  unresponsive to stupid, so I’ve been enjoying the hell out of Shadowrun Returns, a Kickstarted single-player RPG available… Read More

…now for something completely different…

I admire RPGs that attempt to rework what a roleplaying game might be. I admire them, I do not enjoy them. Like long distance athletics events; if someone breaks a record or makes a particularly spirited attempt… well… Read More

Well, that de-escalated quickly… SWTOR will go free to play to level 50 some time later this year. This is good news for me. I liked the game, but wasn’t going to get stuck playing umpty-dollars a month to play. I’m… Read More

The Walking Dead

Got $10? Got an XBOX360? BUY THE WALKING DEAD FROM THE GAME MARKETPLACE, EPISODES 1 & 2. Holy shit it is great. N.B. It is out for PC and PS3 too, but I’ve no idea how much it… Read More

When you’re a spy…

So I’ve been burning through Deus Ex with the slow burn of someone who chose the stealth game aspect of DE to enjoy. Also, I’m playing it on the hardest setting, you know, on account of how hardcore… Read More

Warhammer 40k: Kill Team (the video game)

You XBox owners have seen this already, but there’s one of those modern Gauntlet-style shoot/beat ’em ups that just got released last week on XBox Live Arcade. I think it’s basically an advertisement for an upcoming Space Marine… Read More