Dark Heresy

I’ve been whiling away the idle hour reading over Dark Heresy pdfs.   Actually, funny story, I’ve been doing this for about two weeks, since I finished the last Dan Abnett Inquisitor novel: today, while browsing the PDF… Read More

Reading a leaked Codex… again.

So I couldn’t help myself this morning.  On a recent post over at BoLS alluded to a leaked Grey Knight codex making its rounds on the web, so I had to seek it out. It didn’t take long… Read More

Somebody else paint something!

Before I put my paints away ahead of Thursday night, I thought I’d post what I finished last. On the right and largely out of focus – he is what one might call an “actively posed’ miniature –… Read More

Black Templars & Dark Angels Rejoice!

That’s right, you’re old as f#ck codexes are less awful!  Check it out: New FAQs Black Templars and Dark Angels now have updated Storm Shields, as well as a bevy of other updates that say “yeah, we want… Read More

Stormraven is coming. That is all.