Kickstarter for This House is Haunted


Some friends of mine have created a new card game and are funding its production with a Kickstarter campaign. From the page:

THIS HOUSE IS HAUNTED is a new silly and spooky exploration-based card game where you use your house as the game board! Combining elements of co-operative play and secret rogue players with unbelievably immersive gameplay, This House is Haunted is a truly original experience.

It sounded pretty interesting, I especially like the gimmick of using your own home as the area of play. I’ve donated so we’ll have at least one version within the group. If you think you might want a copy for yourself you can get a printable PDF version for as little as $15. I’m just sayin’.

One Comment on “Kickstarter for This House is Haunted

  1. That’s a sweet idea! I’d seen this card game advertised somewhere… not sure where, but I had no idea that you used your own house.