In defense of BoLS

This won’t be a lengthy defense, because I’ve been doing plenty of that on Facebook lately.  This whole Wisconsin thing has gotten my panties in a bunch, that’s for sure.  No, this is a short one.

In the course of my day, I spend probably 6 hours in front of my MacBook.  Part of that time is spent working, the other part is spent avoiding work.  One thing I can tell you, though, is that some days I just need a little ray of sunshine to make staring at that 13.3″ screen bearable.  Quick visits to Bell of Lost Souls can sometimes be just what I need to transport my mind to a happier place.

Is it for the killer writing?  Good God, no.  BoLS has the kind of grammatical standards that suggest there is a world without Spell Check and out there.  Is it for the personalities?  No.  The guys are probably perfectly nice and all, but besides a general affability, personality isn’t a draw.  It’s pretty simple- I like the rumor leaks.  They don’t always matter much to me, like when the Dark Eldar were in pre-lease limbo.   But most of the time, I get a kick out of it.  Occasionally a Batrep or an article is posted that I check out, but its still those fuzzy images and “leaked” rule info that will give me a moment of eased mind.

I don’t do an RSS feed.  I hammer my browser enough without tasking it to retrieve info about every BoLS post.  But several times a day I’ll go to my bookmark toolbar and see what’s new.  Sure, the page is saturated with ads that sometimes stall page loading.  Sure some of the posts are filler at best and stupid at worst.  But its what I do.

So there you go.  BoLS isn’t a very good blog, but its the best we’ve got to a table-top gamer’s Engadget.  And dammit, that’s good enough for me.