Dice Advice

Need better dice results? We have advice and techniques to help you out.

  • The Bukowski Twist

    Roll dice underhanded and spin hand counter-clockwise before release. There is one verified account of 100% success with this technique. Named after the American author who made this technique famous shooting craps in California hobo camps.

  • The Overbo Theory

    Roll the dice long enough to shake the randomness out of it. The duration for this task is loosely defined; you must keep rolling until everyone in the table agrees it has been an excessive amount of time. If anyone is annoyed to the point of anger (style points if this person happens to be the Dungeon Master), you have probably shaken most of the randomness out of it, leaving nothing but the force of your will to guide the results.

    Now you may roll the dice.

  • The Dagfinn Exception

    Bards only.
    After attempting to execute the Overbo Theory, take a 20.

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  1. Thanks Dice Advice! Since starting to use the Bukowski Twist, I’ve been promoted at work, won a car in a raffle, and inherited a bunch of money from a great-uncle I never even knew I had: I’ll use this technique for the rest of my life!

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