This has been great painting weather

I’ve gotten more stuff painted in the last couple days while I hide in my basement from the awful, oppressive heat. This is the Reckoner. He might hit you with club, or he might shoot you with the… Read More


It took about a week of picking them up and putting them back down again, but I finally finished up my Protectorate Zealots. These guys are one of my favorite units in the faction by fluff and by… Read More

Howdy Komrades!

So, our respective ladies were doing their book club last night, and Jim and I arranged to play a bit of warmachine while they did whatever it is that they do.  From what I can tell, that’s where… Read More

what to do with a week and a half

So, I accepted a new job.  Part of this new job involves a week and a half off.  What am I going to do with that sort of time?  Well, for starters, I’m going to base my armies…. Read More

Warmachine Action 1.2.11

Mike and I got in a 35-point game of Warmachine on Sunday after some army storage and transport confusion almost doomed us to sitting on our hands and trying to referee a 2500 pt Apocalypse game between Duffin… Read More