Not your grandfather’s Red Gore.

Of all the things I’ve missed since our kid was born two years ago, I was surprised by how much I missed painting. I wasn’t particularly on a tear when Fi was born anyway, having ground to a… Read More

Sucks to be you,.. damn, no, sucks to be us,.. no, wait, just you.

I’m not sure of the old price differential, but checking out the new Finecast prices was interesting. 10.50 for an Eldar Shadowseer in the UK, but $18.25 (+sales tax) in the US. Given the current exchange rate –… Read More


Jesus fucking christ. Fuuuuuuck.

Ah, tale as old as time…

…some Frenchmen and some Germans met on a field and battered each other until almost everyone was dead. Even if these were Figurative Frenchmen and Figurative Germans – in Warhammer parlance, Bretonnians and Empire – it seemed a… Read More