Fantasy Flight Game Center: The Review

Mike and I went to the Fantasy Flight Game Center in Roseville this Sunday.  I was expecting Valhalla in the suburbs.  I didn’t quite find it, it’s too clean for that and I was not served by Valkyries, but… Read More

Dark Heresy

I’ve been whiling away the idle hour reading over Dark Heresy pdfs.   Actually, funny story, I’ve been doing this for about two weeks, since I finished the last Dan Abnett Inquisitor novel: today, while browsing the PDF… Read More

Sometimes you mine the internet long enough, you get gold.

I found this on Reddit’s front page. If the photo alone isn’t worth sharing, the accompanying comment thread makes it worth the time. “And probably spent less than a battleforce!” is probably the funniest and sadly the most… Read More

The New Necron Codex

I am happy to report that the new Necron codex is not only the necessary shot in the arm to get my beleaguered robots back into steady game play, but I won’t need to drop $500 updating my… Read More

Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine: Actual review

There was a lot of talk about Space Marine at D&D last weekend, and I did hardly anything besides playing the shit out of it all weekend, so I thought I’d write a blog post where I actually… Read More

Sucks to be you,.. damn, no, sucks to be us,.. no, wait, just you.

I’m not sure of the old price differential, but checking out the new Finecast prices was interesting. 10.50 for an Eldar Shadowseer in the UK, but $18.25 (+sales tax) in the US. Given the current exchange rate –… Read More

I still paint 40k miniatures you know.

Left: Admiral Manthony Dash-Hyphen; the guy who stops your dudes from arriving. Mostly by making them feel small with his superior mannerisms. Middle: Sanctioned Astropath; enjoys good wine, cool jazz, walks on the beach and staring into the… Read More

Space Monkey Ape FTW!!!

Preorder your Space Monkey Ape now!

Reading a leaked Codex… again.

So I couldn’t help myself this morning.  On a recent post over at BoLS alluded to a leaked Grey Knight codex making its rounds on the web, so I had to seek it out. It didn’t take long… Read More

Stuff I want. AKA half of my posts.

Holy Jesus, this are some awesome looking models.  This makes me want start playing Imperial Guard again.  Actually, I’ve been feeling that way for awhile.  Vampire Super-Soldiers are still fun, but the joy of sending out droves of… Read More