Liminal Shores

I just don’t know. When I was alerted that there was another Monte Cook Games Kickstarter I a) was excited and b) groaned, because I can’t keep buying all these fucking awesome games. With Numenera 2 (2menera) Kickstarted… Read More

Playing the field.

I’ve been enjoying running Numenera, as long as I don’t have to go off book too often. Sometimes I’m really feeling the improv nature that the rules permit and encourage, and sometimes I’m super not in the mood…. Read More

Kickstarting fever

It was looking at all the Dusk City Outlaws stuff that got me occasionally looking at Kickstarter (still looking forward to playing that when it comes out) and then I stumbled across Rising Sun and plunked down the… Read More

Fantasy Flight Game Center: The Review

Mike and I went to the Fantasy Flight Game Center in Roseville this Sunday.  I was expecting Valhalla in the suburbs.  I didn’t quite find it, it’s too clean for that and I was not served by Valkyries, but… Read More


Hi All I nearly crashed the car as I drove past the bus / train interchange at Lanark. Why? A new games store has opened! Yes a real physical store, with games! I duly pulled a hard u-turn,… Read More

Dodecaheathens 2.0 development underway!

That’s right, version 2.0 of Dodecaheathens has begun. What does that mean? It means that I have set up a new, locally staged version of the site. Does that mean I can expect to see a new Dodecaheathens… Read More