Some games that aren’t all about murdering everyone. No, they mostly are.

I’m still working on a recap of the complicated situation the Echo Wood crew finds themselves in. In the meantime: brief notes of games I’ve enjoyed recently. FarCry4, I wish they’d never stop making these. In fact, I… Read More

Weekend Away Report

Update Courtesy of JC.   A couple of weeks ago the “Magnificent 7” packed up and headed into the hills to our secluded, and (nearly) child / wife / partner / gimp proof retreat. With 3 full days and nights to… Read More


Hi All I nearly crashed the car as I drove past the bus / train interchange at Lanark. Why? A new games store has opened! Yes a real physical store, with games! I duly pulled a hard u-turn,… Read More

Noe’s Salsa

I’m posting on behalf of Noe, who had never set up an account on Dodecaheathens, but is an integral part of our Thursday nights, or at least the Thursday nights where a whole bunch of NPCs die. This… Read More

My things, let me show them to you.

A couple of things that I think are great and don’t have to be cluttering up any place other than this one:  

Excel Character Sheet

Noe’s spreadsheet worked so well last campaign that I made one for myself this time. Feel free to adapt for your own use or I can whip one up for you if you’d like. I may have a… Read More

Nerd Poker

I know we’re not all podcast-listeners, but if you are you should be listening to Nerd Poker. It’s the same dick jokes and not-knowing-the-rules that we do, only you can listen to it at work. I listen to… Read More

…now for something completely different…

I admire RPGs that attempt to rework what a roleplaying game might be. I admire them, I do not enjoy them. Like long distance athletics events; if someone breaks a record or makes a particularly spirited attempt… well… Read More

The bard’s new Deafening Song Bolt

Holiday Haul

We found some decent games under our Festivus pole this year.