Dodecaheathens is home to a bunch of Minnesota-based nerds in the Twin Cities who like to play a lot of different games. We play Pathfinder once a week and dine on the finest of Asian cuisine.

Lo, this is the dark side to many-a Fresh Wok meals.

Dodecaheathens also has contributors in Scotland, which is pretty neat.

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  1. Guys
    Long time since the last converstations around Desfaber’s fire pit…
    Some good board games for you to look out for at Tower:
    7 Wonders – Easy to learn, fast, lots of variation, 30 to 40 mins max
    Alien Frontiers – Brilliant format unlike any other game we have played, 2.5 hours
    Battlestar Gallactica – If you like the TV show you will like this… 4 hours
    Cyclades – The monster miniatures are worth it just to paint, lots of variation, 2.5 hours
    Egizia – Egypt, resource allocation, shafting each other, 2.5 hours
    On the RPG front:
    Cubicle 7 have brought out a series of books under the banner “Cthulhu Britanica”, that includes a big hardback book on Scotland…!!! We are playing and enjoying it right now.
    Cthulhu by Gaslight is to be imminently re-released… finally.
    SLA Industries is also about to be reworked and released.
    Finally if you like Judge Dredd (yes!) and wanted to get roleplaying, yesterday I stumbled across the Traveller based system… looks pretty good!?
    Thats all for now. Happy gaming!