Numenera: Playtest 4, Wrapping it up… into a bunch of loose ends.

Lots to think about from this Sunday’s session. We wrapped up the Vortex playtest, had a bunch of fun with the pregen characters, then bid adieu to (some of) them and folks rolled their own characters. And by… Read More

Kickstarting fever

It was looking at all the Dusk City Outlaws stuff that got me occasionally looking at Kickstarter (still looking forward to playing that when it comes out) and then I stumbled across Rising Sun and plunked down the… Read More

Numenera: Play Test 2 & 3

I think the major lesson of session 2 is that it is real easy to slip back into old habits if I don’t keep an eye on it and if I drink while I play. Our first session… Read More