Sometimes you mine the internet long enough, you get gold.

I found this on Reddit’s front page. If the photo alone isn’t worth sharing, the accompanying comment thread makes it worth the time. “And probably spent less than a battleforce!” is probably the funniest and sadly the most… Read More

Gardeners of the White Rose 3

After some down time Bulgav and Gregory stopped by the Bruised Eel to see their friend Yakapulio the bar owner and pimp. After a few drinks Yakapulio asked if they know who the Bastards of Erebus are. Gregory,… Read More

Talk amongst yourselves, I’ve got dust in my eye…

The Pathfinder Beginner’s set arrived just before I did, meaning I could have saved $50 on shipping if I had just brought the damn thing over. Oh well. The kids have been on at me to play “Pathfinders”,… Read More

Hey now, targeted marketing…

  Well, at least it isn’t that Japanese chick asking me to “make love against the darkness”.

The Acts of The Lords of Rannick, LXXIX

…in which an Ankylosaur makes us want to reroll as dinosaurs, Arradin has a costume malfunction and there is a bona fide crazy treasure drop.   MD20/20 has long been a staple of my roleplaying habits. While my… Read More

Wings of War Fest!!

The long wait was finally over and we eagerly decended onto a rather too picturesque cottage (for 7 geeks) in the rural Scottish Borders for our latest gaming weekend! A LONG night of good food, boozing and plenty… Read More